Antenna Design

Standard antennas through special purpose antennas such as defense radar, phased array, satellite tracking and wave monitoring antennas.

Test Solution

Based on antenna techonology, provies antenna measurement system, OTA test system, radar test system and any kinds of customized test solution

Precision Positioner

Precise mechanical techniques and motion control technology reduce measurement uncertainty and gives the best test environment

Antenna Measurement System

According to test condition and plan, proper types of measurement system can be provided such as Far-Field Range, Near-Field Range and Compact Range


Far-Field Range

With a hundred of antenna measurement system design and installation, CGMW provides all types of Far-Field Range, indoor/outdoor environment, low/high frequency, small/large size AUT.

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Near-Field Range

The most powerful measurement solution for antenna engineers. We offer Planar, Cylindrial and Spherical system for antenna measurement, radar test and OTA test.

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Compact Range

CGMW CATR is the most suitable for 5G NR mmwave antenna and OTA test. Moreover, large sized reflectors, upto several meters QZ, are available for defense industry.

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